Maximise your solution

To help you to fulfill and maximise the potential of your solution we have created a number of additional services.

ErpBotHub Services

We offer a range of services to ensure your solution is always running at its best.

ErpBotHub More

Services we provide outside of your support package:

  • Creation of new databases

  • Restoration of databases

  • Data Transfer Workbench (DTW) tasks

  • New client installs

  • Creation or editing of UDFs

  • Creation of queries and alerts- Short ‘how-to’ sessions

  • Guidance on non-SAP issues, impacting SAP, where we have the knowledge

  • Rectification of issues caused by user error

  • Short-term out of hours support

ErpBotHub Technical

Predefined package of regular system checks & procedures (HANA or SQL), monthly or bi-monthly:

  • Check if back-ups are running

  • Check if space is adequate

  • Check that there are no CPU ‘red flags’

  • Check that the Remote Support Platform (RSP) is working correctly

  • Run the SAP productive database health check task

  • Monitor and upgrade RSP to a relevant release, if required

  • Check email error notifications on Linux box (HANA Specific)

  • Review the support log

ErpBotHub Intelligence

Use our Business Intelligence services to understand your data By using the information in your system, ErpBotHub can develop or teach you to create your own analysis and reporting, including:

  • Building simple or sophisticated reports

  • Generating dashboards or real-time analysis

  • Creating and setting up a cockpit

  • Customised Crystal or Sharperlight reports

ErpBotHub Training

Use our multi-tier training package to up-skill your team From new starter training to super user masterclasses, ErpBotHub can provide comprehensive training packages to meet your needs (small or large), as your business develops. We offer:

  • Individual or team training

  • Online or on-site training Flexible timing

  • Customised content

  • Hour sessions or super user masterclasses

ErpBotHub Total Care

Roll up the cost of your solution with quarterly set payments

  • Patch upgrades

  • Version upgrades to keep your system current

  • Annual gap analysis

  • Monthly call log review

  • Annual maintenance

  • Support – SAP & B1 Apps

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