Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Experience the power of Artificial Intelligence driving your business upward and rise above and beyond your competitors' reach.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Adding Intelligence to Your Business with Our SAP AI/ML Solutions

We provide enterprise grade Machine Learning solutions that understand your business prerequisites.

ErpBotHub offers the deepest and broadest set of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence consulting services, That will enable highly context sensitive insight at both the organizational and individual levels. We can only guess at the level of automation that will result, but the impact on business and society will be significant.

Our AI support services provide ready-made intelligence for your business and workflows. SAP AI/ML solutions easily integrate with your business to address common use cases such as personalized recommendations, modernizing your business center, improving production and inventory solutions, and increasing best outcomes.

Future Ready Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions are business-ready and future-proof. With the utmost intricacy we integrate the right AI and ML solutions that are tailored to your business needs.

Sales Recommendation

Display of product recommendations based on the buying histories of your customers and similarcustomers in sales documents.

Data Analytics

Our data & analytics expertise delivers business value to software companies trying to infuse data science within products, and to enterprises attempting to uncover data-driven decisions.

Predictive Analytics

With statistical techniques from data mining, predictive modelling, and machine learning one can analyze historical data.

Recommendation Engine

Experience in creating “Content Based Recommendation” and “Collaborative Recommendation Engine” to analyse historical data, user patterns and behavior to predict and make recommendations.

Data Forecasting

Forecasting approaches including qualitative models and quantitative models that help you gather significant insights.

Natural Language Processing

Our NLP software solutions combine ML, AI, and advanced technologies to allow machines to read human language with products such as “FAQ Help Desk”, “ChatBot” and more.

Order to Cash Automation*

This is a proof of concept leveraging machine learning/artificial intelligence technologies to automate business processes.

Voice-based AI

We collaborate with businesses to deploy their own personalized voice-based assistants to assist customers and keep them engaged.

Sentimental Analysis

We use sentimental Analysis to analyze sentiments and intent of customers and gather emails, social media queries, customer forms to derive important conclusions from that data.

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