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There is no doubt that SAP Business One gives companies the flexibility and power to manage their business processes.However,there are times when users need a simple-run and affordable cloud-based interface to manage daily tasks.

Process SAP B1 transactions via browser or mobile

Give Real-time visibility

Extend more functionality

One platform for all operations.

Inventory and profitability monitoring now at granular level to assist you in making better business decisions

From supplier orders to receiving items to customer orders, deliveries, and invoicing, keep track of everything. Retail, e-commerce, mobile apps, and other methods can all be used to sell your stuff. With regulatory batch control, you can keep track of your supply across several warehouses.

Better data helps make better decisions.

Perpetual Inventory to continually monitor financial Report.

Check stock status in warehouses,see customer transactional history and generate reports on financial performance. It is all available through a simple browser.Users can navigate SAP B1 with ease through these cure cloud environment.

Dashbord display revenues, margins, sales and purchase data, stock levels,

With things in and out, you can keep track of your inventory in real time, which will immediately update your accounting journals. Maintaining a smooth supply chain, as well as a healthy cashflow and constant visibility of stock levels and valuations.

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