The challenge

  • Warehouse management

  • Real-time Inventory status

  • organizations are more than ever struggling with cost and resource optimization

  • supply chain performances by lack of inventories, delay in delivery times, lost sales and decreased customer satisfaction

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RFID Device, has modernized different facets of industries starting from manufacturing level to distribution and retailing. It has become one of the widely used wireless technologies, after phones. According to financial experts, RFID is helping organizations save millions of dollars by offering quick and precise data of multiple items located in different locations in real-time.

an approach to solve that problem based on RFID technology, the emerging set of standards from EPCglobal, available RFID Middleware tools, analysis of the current business processes (typically supported by barcode technology) and a proposal of new business processes that explores the potential of RFID technology

Automatic identification and capture data technology like RFID can be useful in order to improve business efficiency. In terms of management, integration of ERP and RFID allows effective decision-making considering customer requirements and efficient use of enterprise resources.


Customer success

  • Tracking assets and managing inventory

  • Saving time and money through automation

  • Improving data accuracy and availability

  • Better control of production

  • Enhanced quality and traceability

  • Increased revenues

  • More in-depth management information

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